American Petrographic Services, Inc. (APS) specializes in the microscopic analysis of concrete aggregate. Utilizing microscopic, physical and chemical analysis, we can foresee problems in your aggregates which can impact the quality of the resulting concrete.

APS will perform petrographic analysis (ASTM:C295) on any type of aggregate source, including synthetic or man-made aggregates.

In concrete aggregates, APS can diagnose the susceptability for:

  • alkali carbonate reaction (ACR)
  • alkali silica reaction (ASR)
  • freeze/thaw deterioration
  • wet/dry deterioration
  • popouts
  • staining
  • low strength problems

Along with our sister company, American Engineering Testing, Inc. (AET), we are able to provide the complete physical and chemical analysis of aggregates. Other testing we perform includes:

  • ASTM C117 and C136: gradations
  • ASTM C142: clay lumps and friable particles
  • ASTM C40: organic impurities
  • ASTM C127 and C128: specific gravity and absorption
  • ASTM C123: heavy liquid separations from 1.95 - 2.4 spg.
  • ASTM C29: unit weight
  • ASTM C131 and C535: abrasion loss
  • ASTM C88: sulfate soundness
  • ASTM C227, C1260, and C1293: ASR mortar bar expansion

and many other tests.

Quality control and quality assurance in your aggregate source can be assurred by a thorough testing program which can be identified and implemented by APS and AET. Contact Scott Wolter, PG, at 651-659-1345,  for further information.