Using current technology in microscopic, chemical and age dating, APS analyzes and documents artifacts and samples represenative of artifacts to determine authenticity.  APS has analyzed stone and gold artifacts, stone structures and associated documents to each.  

Questions we ask:

  • Is this artifact/structure's form consistent with the times?
  • Is the material used consistent with the times?
  • Does the weathering profile match up with the suspected age of the material?
  • Does the location of where the material was discovered make sense? Was that material available?
  • What sort of documentation can be provided?


Projects Include:

AVM Stone (Hoax) – Minnesota
Baptism Boulder – South Dakota
Bat Creek Stone – Tennessee [REPORT]
Borne Stone – Massachusetts
Burrow's Cave Artifacts (Hoax) – Illinois
Catskill Inscriptions – New York
Chateau Blanche Fort – France
Chinese Boat Anchors – California
Du Luth Stone – Minnesota
Frost Valley Spiral Petroglyph – New York
Gungywamp Petroglyphs & Stone Structures – Connecticut 
Heavener Rune Stone – Oklahoma
Hemlock Chamber – Pennsylvania
Horn & Knife Rocks – North Dakota
In Hoc Signa Vinges Stone Inscription – Rhode Island
Jeffers Petroglyphs – Minnesota
Jubilee Stone – Tennessee
Kensington Rune Stone – Minnesota
Los Lunas Hebrew Inscription – New Mexico
Missouri Rune Stone – Missouri
Murray Chamber – Ohio
Mystery Stone – New Hampshire
Mystery Stone Mask – New Hampshire
Narragansett Stone  – Rhode Island
New Hampshire Standing Stone (Hoax) – New Hampshire
Newport Tower – Rhode Island
Noman's Land Island Rune Stone – Massachusetts
Petra Pottery Sherds – Jordan
Pinnacle Peak Hebrew Inscription – Connecticut
Rossyln Hooked X & Lozenge Carvings – Scotland
Shell Mounds Investigation – Mexico
Spirit Pond Rune Stones – Maine
Stone Holes at Hammershus Castle, Bornholm Island – Denmark
Tumbaga Gold & Jade Artifacts – Panama
Tyngsboro Map Stone – Massachusetts
Upper Peninsula Boat Petroglyph – Michigan
Westford Boat Stone – Massachusetts
Westford Knight – Massachusetts

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