Sample Submission

Please Send Samples To:

American Petrographic Services, Inc.
550 Cleveland Avenue North
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Attn: Scott Wolter
Please include a transmittal outlining the following information with your samples:
Who you are
Contact information (Phone and email)
Work Scope (if you don't know, ask us to contact you upon sample receipt)
Ideal Sample Type and Size for Petrographic Analysis:
            One 4"x 8" cylinder,
            One 4" x Full depth core
            Enough to cover the palm and fingers of your hand (surface area).
            Fine: 1,000g (one 4"x 8" cylinder full)
            Coarse: ~40-70lbs (one 5 gallon pail full)
We request that any sample submitted for a Petrographic Analysis not also be Compression Tested. We can perform petrographic analysis on a core that has been compression tested, however, the best data can be collected with two seperate samples.